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McAllister: Giving Calgary city hall keys to the region is a very bad idea

January 01, 2020

Some Calgary politicians see the CrossIron Mills mall in Balzac as an interloper in the city's economy, but regional municipalities see it as an opportunity seized.

Stop the madness: How we do politics matters

April 10, 2019

"Years in politics and in the public eye have taught me something essential: ‘how’ we engage in politics is every bit as important as ‘who’ we vote for. How we see and engage with our elected officials matters, it sets us on a trajectory that can build up our province, or hamper progress."

Calgary Herald Opinion: Election promises and the Springbank dry dam project

March 23, 2019

It must be election time — here come more promises from politicians about flood protection in the Calgary area.

McAllister: Alberta has been infected with Ottawa's red tape virus

February 09, 2019

"There is a surprising penchant at both the provincial and municipal levels for overly regulating policies, which hamper investment and limit job creators from doing what they do best."

Cut the politics, it's time for real talk on flood prevention

December 20, 2018

It’s time that those who gain political points for their predictable promises and placating stop and listen to the growing consensus. We can drop the Springbank dry dam and prepare a comprehensive flood/drought mitigation strategy that actually works best for all Albertans.

Calgary Herald: Canada needs fewer apologies and more apologists

August 24, 2018

Sorry. It’s the Canadian way. Apologies and handwringing are a cornerstone of our Canadian vernacular. Just say “sorry” and offer your regret.

Calgary Herald Column: Protectionism is Never a Good Thing

July 25, 2018

"This is not the entrepreneurial foundation upon which this province was built. Alberta and the Calgary region did not become a world-class place to set up business and raise families because of more government oversight thwarting growth and investment." - Bruce McAllister in his latest Calgary Herald Column

Calgary Herald Column: Red Tape Is Strangling Alberta's Prosperity

June 11, 2018

"Governments that are absolute in their ideology, self-righteous in their orientation, dismissive in their dialogue, and inattentive in their execution become forgetful. They stack the deck against prosperity and growth. They see the giving tree of Alberta and industry as an entitlement to exploit, not a resource to celebrate, nurture and share." -Bruce Mcallister's Column in the Calgary Herald

March 03, 2016

"Chestermere’s decision shows the futility of its attempt to jealously derail Rocky View County’s economic development — something the city’s always lacked," said Bruce McAllister, spokesman for landowner group Rocky View 2020.

CBC NEWS: Alberta unite-the-right group aims to bring Wildrose, PCs together

February 09, 2016

Former PC MLA Bruce McAllister, right, leads the unite-the-right discussion at Cochrane Ranche House Auditorium with Dave Rutherford, Alberta Prosperity Fund, and former PC cabinet minister Jonathan Denis, left. (CBC)

RockyView Weekly: Bruce McAllister named new executive director of Rocky View 2020

November 30, 2015

Former Chestermere-Rocky View MLA has been named the new executive director of Rocky View 2020, filling the position left vacant by former executive director Eric Lowther.

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